Monkeys Visit the New School

 The Monkey classroom at Acorn is the 3-to 4-year-olds, and will be the first class to graduate from the Wilderness Early Learning Center. Yesterday we brought the class over to see our new location. They were all so excited to wear hard hats and explore the new building.

We were very busy while we were there! The children got to help begin the demolition, smash a wall with a hammer, cut the tape to signify the begining of the renovations at the new school, and were thrilled to pose for countless photos. We took a walk through the building to see where our new classroom would be and the children ran around and made pretend snow angels on the floor.

The highlighs of the field trip to Wilderness were putting a hole in the wall, getting to run around and expoler, meeting the photographer from the Daily Camera, and posing for photos! Today we all got to see the pictures in the paper, and showed everyone that came into our room. We are also excited to see that we have a video on the Daily Camera’s website. Some of us watched it this moring with our families, and the rest of us are so excited to go home and see it! We are so proud of Max for the interview that he gave. Max is also very proud and told all his friends about what he said to the reported at circle time today.  It was a great trip yeasterday and we are looking foward to when we can go back to see how things are progressing at our new school!

Check out the link to the Daily Camera article and video below.

Rebecca Maiolo
Preschool Teacher

Daily Camera Article

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