About our Partners…

Wilderness Early Learning Center is a new center where the whole child, no matter what barriers he or she may face, is prepared for Kindergarten, ready to learn. We will do this by providing a variety of early childhood support partners all in one location. All the partners’ logos to the left link to their website for more information.  The Center’s design is based on the Early Childhood Framework for Boulder County, in which the following support services are provided in one location. Each partner will fulfill at least one of the following support services:

1. high quality early learning
2. family support and education
3. social, emotional, and mental health
4. health services

The Acorn School, a local leader in early childhood education, which will have classrooms for approximately 70 children, infants through pre-kindergarten.

Boulder County Head Start, a comprehensive child development program for low income children and families, including those with special needs ages 3-5 years old, which will have classrooms for approximately 65 children.

Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy Research (BIPR), a program dedicated to insuring early learning centers and parents receive the support they need to provide the conditions necessary for children to thrive because early brain development sets the stage for all later cognitive and social/emotional development.

Play Therapy Institute, who’s mission is to offer play therapists an inspiring educational experience in the field of play therapy for the purpose of expanding their play therapy knowledge and deepening their understanding of themselves, as well as offering quality mental health services that are accessible and affordable to children and families.

The Tiny Tim Center, a program that provides occupational, physical, speech language, and developmental therapy to children birth up to 12 years of age. The Tiny Tim Center will be partnering with WELC to provide these therapies within the preschool and daycare programs at the center, as well as providing these therapies to children in the community. The services we offer support children’s communication, motor, social/emotional, and sensory needs.

CU’s Child Learning Center, an innovative educational facility that supports a variety of educational programs for typically developing children and for children with special needs. The programs include an accredited preschool, programs for both English- and Spanish-speaking parents of special needs children, and free screenings and assessments for children in Boulder County preschools.

Kid Connects
, a program who’s goals include the promotion of social and emotional and overall development of young children, reducing the incidence of early childhood expulsions and increasing the capacity of child care providers to respond to challenging or concerning behaviors.

The Boulder Public Library, who will partner with WELC by providing family-focused story time programs on site. The goal of the story time programs is to encourage and foster the child’s development of early learning skills so that they will be ready to read and learn at school age. Library staff will also prepare and present to WELC parents a workshop on tips and tools for reading effectively to their children. Additionally, the library swill provide a collection of youth reading materials, geared for children age 0 through 5. These materials will be housed at WELC and will be for use by clients on site.

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