And the walls came down

On Jan. 26th the demo began at Wilderness Early Learning Center.
It is amazing how quickly walls can come down, and at the same time, it’s amazing to see how many times a building can change form and functions.

2845 Wilderness Place was originally built as a building with suites for small businesses and individual office space. Since that time it seems there have been several remodel jobs changing from office space, to an IT building, to a phone calling center. Each time wires were run, cables cut and left, and duckwork run like an interstate with dead ends, thermostats in different parts of the building, and on and on. We even found “sheer” walls for support that had been hidden and covered up with dry wall.
Even with all of the uncertain parts of the building the Architects at Fanas and Blue Spruce Construction have done amazing work to get the building pealed back to the original beams and are nearly ready to begin to lay-out the new center.
With the Demo nearly complete, we hope to see some of the dreams appear with the cutting of concrete for 18 new toilets and the beginning of laying out the great classrooms that will soon be home to many children and families.
Keep watching for more updates and if you see the construction guys around, give them a pat on the back. They are doing a great job!


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