It Starts with a strong foundation

Last week I attended the funeral of my grandmother. She was 79 years old. On Friday, she went to get her hair done. Sat. evening she was in so much pain she had to go to the hospital. She never left the hospital and passed away early Monday morning. Life is short.

At the funeral she was described as, the best cookie baker, the lady with an album of grandchildren photos in her purse along-side a folded plastic rain bonnet, the seamstress, the party planner, the best cook at church pot-lucks, your biggest fan, and on and on. There were many stories about her life and the number of people she touched, but the one that stood out to me most was this statistic. She taught Sunday morning Bible classes for over 60 years to elementary and middle school children. She literally touched thousands of children’s lives. Her last phone call was late Sat. evening to make sure there would be a sub to teach her class Sun. morning as she was afraid she was not going to be well enough to be there.

When family came over to clean-out her house last week, they found in the refrigerator full of sandwich fixings, bags of salad, and enough bread to feed to feed a pond full of ducks! Come to find out, she was preparing to make sandwiches for a choir of college students that would be singing at church the next week.
She was prepared for sure!

Wilderness Early Learning Center is built on the principles of preparing young children and families for a lifetime of success! It is a place that has been carefully and cautiously thought about for many years.
It starts below the surface with a strong foundation, strong roots, and strong support systems. Last week began the process of digging below the foundation to prepare the sewer line for 18 new toilets to be added on the first floor in classrooms.

 In addition, a new electrical panel was put in to allow enough power to the building for a full commercial kitchen, washer and dryer, lights, and power for phones and internet.
Soon, the pipes will be run, the ground and bare walls will be covered up, and new walls, flooring and lighting will begin to appear. But for now, it’s important to be prepared for the many children to be served for many years to come.

A strong foundation. That’s what you will find at The Acorn School and with the partners at Wilderness Early Learning Center.

Stay tuned for more updates, photos, and fundraising goals to ensure the project will be complete and will be sustainable for many many years to come!

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