It’s becoming more official

Is it true that once you put up a sign you’re open for business?

Well as you can see, coming August 2012, Wilderness Early Learning Center will be open for business.

This is our new sign that was hung on the building this week. There’s another one out at our entrance. Feel free to drive by and take a look. You will find us at 2845 Wilderness Place, just as you come around the corner of the one-way round-about.

Make sure you check out the cool Quick Response Code (QR Code). What’s a QR Code you ask. A QR Code works by simply scanning the code with a mobile device that is equipped with a camera and QR Code reader application. These applications can be downloaded for free on popular smartphone platforms such as iPhone and Android. Once the QR Code is scanned using the device‚Äôs camera it is translated into actionable information. Our QR code goes to the Wilderness Early Learning Center Website.

Another really cool part about the sign going up is we got our first email today inquiring about a spot for a child in the fall! I’m sure this will be the first of many folks wanting to find the great services and care that The Acorn School has offered for years. Along with the collaboration of several community partners, we are excited about the comprehensive services that will be offered to current and future Acorn children and families.

Stay tuned for more updates and come by and visit anytime!

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