This is Why I am passionate about 
Wilderness Early Learning Center”

“This is Why” Campaign!  Week 3

This is why I am passionate about early learning… 

Like all parents, when my daughters were toddlers, I wanted them to have a safe, loving, positive childcare and preschool experience.  I wanted to drop them off each morning and feel confident that their day would be nurturing and stimulating, with caregivers and teachers that I trusted and valued.  And when I found that for them at The Acorn School, I truly felt, emotionally, in my heart, “all children and parents deserve this kind of program”.

Dee Andrews is a donor, Acorn alumni board president, and Acorn alumni parent
Those emotions and my experience with The Acorn School, first as a parent, then volunteer and board member, inspired me to become involved in early learning professionally, to work for organizations whose mission it is to ensure all children have access to quality early learning experiences and reap the lifelong benefits.  And I have come to understand, not only do children and parents benefit from nurturing, caring environments, caregivers and early education teachers have an enormous impact on children reaching developmental milestones in language, literacy, math, 
reasoning and social-emotional skills.
Long before children enter kindergarten, early learning is critical in supporting children in reaching their highest potential.Studies show that close to 40% of children start kindergarten behind, with literacy and math skills typical of two-, three- and four-year-olds. They are already behind on their first day of kindergarten, and, in most cases, this achievement gap persists throughout life.
My daughters were so positively impacted by their early learning experiences at The Acorn School, they remind me, twelve years later, why I am still passionate about all children having the same opportunity.
This is why I gave a financial contribution to Wilderness Early Learning Center…
I believe it does take a village to raise a child, and I am grateful to join the public/private partnership in Boulder County to support Wilderness Early Learning Center and young children. 
From birth to five years, the primary adults in a child’s life ~ parents, childcare providers, teachers, grandparents ~ play a key role in a child’s developing early childhood education.  Wilderness Early Learning Center recognizes the collaboration needs of the community as well and has established a comprehensive early learning center that supports the whole child: high-quality childcare and preschool; pediatric therapy programs, including occupational, physical, and speech language; and family support and education.
Communities are stronger when all children have access to comprehensive early learning experiences and the opportunity to succeed:  working parents are supported, children enter kindergarten ready to learn, the achievement gap (of which Boulder has the highest in the state) is reduced, more students graduate from high school and our future workforce is strengthened
Please join me with a contribution to Wilderness Early Learning Center.  It’s an investment in our community with a great return.

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