“This is Why” Campaign: Week 2

This is Why I am passionate about 
Wilderness Early Learning Center”

“This is Why” Campaign!  Week 2

This past week we requested comments from parents and staff on three questions. A large blank sheet was posted in a location for all to participate freely. We are excited to share with you some of the comments. 

  • I am an Acorn/Head Start teacher because….

“I am a teacher because I believe in giving back to the community and because it’s such a rewarding experience.”
“I am an Acorn teacher because I believe in providing quality care to all children.”

  • I am an Acorn/Head Start parent/caregiver because…

“I am an Acorn parent because I like the family/community feel.”
“I am a Head Start parent because I love the Head Start program and I want to support my child in the best way I can!”

  • I support Wilderness Early Learning Center because…

“This is a wonderful place full of amazing staff and children.  What we do here is important work.”
“This is a wonderful place with wonderful teachers who do an amazing job of caring and educating children.”


Diane Spahn, a lead teacher in the Acorn wobbler room, enjoys a book with the children

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