This is Why I am passionate about 
Wilderness Early Learning Center”

“This is Why” Campaign! Week 6 

When The Tiny Tim Center first heard of the Wilderness Early Learning Center we were so excited by the prospect of becoming a partner. The idea of so many services offered by so many experts under one roof would be invaluable to the Boulder community, and we wanted to take an active part in this endeavor.  


The Tiny Tim Center is now officially in partnership with Wilderness Early Learning Center, and we will be expanding our

 Therapeutic Services – occupational, physical and speech and language therapies- to Boulder in January 2013.  We have been a successful therapeutic services team in Boulder County since the early 1990’s.  Our therapists specialize in providing comprehensive services to children with special needs. We are honored to be able to expand our services through our collaboration with such a gifted group of agencies at WELC. 

A unique aspect that we bring to Boulder is our ability to move smoothly from one setting to another. We often start helping a family and their child before the child turns three in their home or a daycare setting. All of our therapists agree it is the best feeling to have helped a child reach goals that at first seemed impossible when we met him or her. The goals children with special needs require help meeting could be as simple seeming as learning to eat a cracker, learning to crawl, or saying “Mama” for the first time. For a child with a disability that inhibits tasks we might take for granted, these small victories are momentous steps towards quality living. 
As one family said, “Finding The Tiny Tim Center was like breathing a huge sigh of relief. We began additional Occupational and Speech Therapy right away. His therapists are in the classroom working with all students for two full days a week.  Shahe still has struggles, but The Tiny Tim Center works with him and works with us, and the staff knows how to deal with his sensory induced meltdowns and frustration. The other kids, both typical and children with special needs, accept him and want to play with him. Our family will continue to support The Tiny Tim Center far into the future, just as they have supported us.”  It is with this enthusiasm that we also support WELC, believe in WELC, and are thrilled to join this amazing family!

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